CDA Chamber Discount Advantage

CDA Chamber Discount Advantage

Introducing our new Chamber Discount Advantage Program through which participating members wanting to drive exposure and traffic offer discounts to our active members!!!

Please explore the MRCC  members listed below who offer discounts to all of our CDA card carriers. To take advantage of these discounts, please have your card with you, and/or mention the Chamber Discount Advantage card when you contact the business directly.

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Gabriele Luzzi

Pest Control, Rodents, Insects, Mice, Voles, Cock Roaches

Rove Pest Control

Gabriele Luzzi

Lazara Miranda

Sheldon Prenovitz

Sebastian Cota

Patricia Murray

Lisa Albano-Selzo

Steve Uliss

Germano Lima

Dennis Kennedy

Steve Pickford

Jeffrey Batta

Naiara Piminta

Lori Burton

James Segal

Frank Collins

Larry LaChance
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